It is also an enterprise that, taking into account the constant development and modernity of our country, operates in accordance with the standards of new technologies, expands its experience and trains many specialists. LLC "RICON" has successfully passed the audit of the German international certification company TÜVNORD and received certificates: ISO 9001: 2015 ISO 14001: 2015 ISO 45001: 2018

our services:

Rental of construction equipment

Over time, urban planning culture is multiplying in Europe. The growth of the construction sector leads to an increase in some of its needs, one of which is machinery. The rental of various types of construction equipment and vehicles that you need, in accordance with the requirements of modern standards, is carried out by Ricon MMC. Save your time with us.


"Ricon" LLC has been closely involved in landscaping and landscaping for more than 10 years.
Today we successfully create a functional, beautiful environment, using the most modern developments. Our specialists, thanks to their vast experience, successfully implement the comprehensive improvement of a microdistrict, a separate area adjacent to a shopping center, residential complex, administrative or office building, will be engaged in landscaping a park area or any other facility.


Greenhouse - "Ricon" LLC has been working in this field in Azerbaijan for more than 10 years. Installation of various types of automated greenhouses in accordance with the requirements of the latest standards. "Ricon" LLC has been cooperating for several years with companies that occupy a high share of the global market in this area. It leads the market both in terms of technology and in terms of materials. Our priority is customer satisfaction. The high quality of your greenhouses is important for you to save money in the future.


Carrying out works on the construction of communications and networks in accordance with modern requirements. Our company offers you to plan this work perfectly and carry it out by experienced specialists. We have also acquired several partnerships through outdoor MEP engineering work.


"Ricon" LLC has been working in the field of oil and gas refining for more than 10 years. Due to the high quality of service, he already cooperates with certain companies that have a share in the Azerbaijani and world market. "Ricon" LLC organizes installation and insulation of pumps, compressors, boilers, pipelines in the field of oil and gas refining.

Reclamation works

Land reclamation is a radical improvement of land through hydrotechnical, cultural and technical, chemical, agro-ameliorative, agrotechnical and other measures.

The "Ricon" LLC company offers you to develop, install and carry out earthworks of hydraulic structures in accordance with modern requirements.

Preparation and installation of fuel tanks

"Ricon" LLC carries out work within the established standards in this area, in accordance with the latest requirements. Preparation and installation of tanks (reservoirs) for oil, fuel oil, fuel and cement of any volume. Our company perfectly conducts work planning and offers you high-quality work, attracting experienced specialists. It also ensures environmental safety.

Our company has been insulating reservoirs (tanks), gas holders and pipelines according to modern standards for more than 10 years. Our international certificates are proof of how professionally we do this work. Quality insulation will free you from future costs. There are many different types of insulation, and we offer you all of them


We manufacture metal structures using more steel products, and this leads to greater durability. It also protects you from additional costs in the future. All the work that we will do for you with our experienced specialists and quality products comply with international standards. You can use our service for the manufacture and installation on site of metal structures that meet modern standards, of various sizes and shapes.


Construction, reconstruction and restoration of industrial, civil and public facilities in accordance with modern standards is carried out by "Ricon" LLC. "Ricon" LLC offers you the planning, design, installation and operation of all works in this field. Currently, the work is carried out according to all international standards and is environmentally safe. Our main goal is to ensure the safety of people and the quality of our work at a higher level.