The Integrated System (IMS) of RICON LLC was applied in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 , ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 standards. The IMS policy is in line with the goals and context of the enterprise and supports the strategic direction of the enterprise.

The scope of the IMS Policy includes the following activities of the enterprise: Design and construction of industrial and civil buildings, infrastructure. The obligations of the enterprise to stakeholders are as follows:


    • Customers
    • Providing a high level of services for the design and construction of industrial and civil buildings, facilities and infrastructure


    • Owners / Founders:
    • Constantly increase the income of the enterprise


    • Employees
    • Continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System applied in the enterprise
    • Prevention of work-related injuries and diseases to ensure health and safety in working conditions
    • Mitigation of hazards, health and technical safety risks
    • Ensure that employees are consulted and involved in improving the Integrated Management System


    • Legislative bodies:
    • Implementation of legislation and other requirements for the activities of the enterprise
    • Protection of the environment, as well as prevention of pollution and other concrete obligations from the context of the enterprise


    • Society:
    • Contribute to the improvement of society by implementing social programmes and projects.

The main principles of the policy on IMS are:

  • Providing a high level of services for the construction of industrial and civil buildings, facilities and infrastructure
  • Jointly plan the work of structural units in order to increase the efficiency of processes;
  • To increase the reliability of existing facilities and equipment, to apply new techniques and technologies if necessary;
  • To ensure the identification and control of risks and probabilities in the field of quality and labor protection that may affect the construction processes of industrial and civil buildings;
  • To ensure the highest level of fulfillment of customer requirements and expectations;
  • Establish a management system aimed at identifying the maximum potential of employees and ensuring the maximum return on investment in their development;
  • To bring the level of professionalism of employees in line with the requirements of international standards;
  • To form a staff that takes the initiative in implementing innovations in all areas of activity

The top management of RICON LLC ensures that the policy on the Integrated Management System is brought to the attention of the staff, ensures that all employees comply with its requirements, improve and make it accessible to significant interests, while the effectiveness of this policy is constantly monitored.